About Us: Services
About Us:Services

We market
  • We purchase and sell different species of birds, rabbits, and guinea pigs.
  • bird food
  • bird products (bird leashes, air sanitizers, cages, etc)
  • bird posters
  • disinfectants for air sanitizer and other uses
High-quality Birds
Kuo Euan Trading Co. regularly purchases different species of high-quality birds from Taiwan or different parts of the world.The birds can be categorized into the following groups:
  • Pet birds:There are many different species of pet birds.They can become intimate with people, and they are weaned and less than a-year old.
  • Breeding birds:Different species breed at different age.They come with DNA certificates that show their gender and age, which make it easier for breeders to breed and lessen waiting time.
Consumer’s Positive Reviews
For now, clients have purchased the following species of birds from us, and the birds have bred successfully: Sun Conure, Yellow-sided Conure, Cockatoo, Amazon, Macaw, White-faced Cockatiel, Lutino and Albino English Budgerigar, Mutation of Goudian Finch, Yellow Ring-necked Parrot, Blue Ring-necked Parrot, etc.We have received consumers’ positive reviews due to bird quality and our excellent services.

We will continue to promote pet birds until more species are bred in Taiwan.Consumers will know how to take better care of their birds after reading our Chinese site.We hope that we will be supported by aviculture circles from all over the world.