About Us: Objectives
About Us:Objectives

Kuo Euan Trading Co.’s website is the first commercial and informative website in Taiwan about pet birds, and it was built in 1999. Our site contains many articles in Chinese about how to breed and care for birds. Our aim is to promote interest and awareness of birds and parrots among the general public. We wish to encourage bird owners to become professional breeders. This will be positive influence on Taiwan’s aviculture circle.
Other than sharing knowledge about birds in Chinese, we also provide many different species of good-quality, cage and aviary pet birds. In addition, we market bird food, outdoor bird leashes, translated encyclopedia in Chinese about caged and aviary birds, and we supply DVDs in Chinese. The book that we translated is “The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Caged & Aviary Birds.” Kuo Euan Trading Co. is a reputable, trustworthy company that aims to provide good-quality and client-oriented services.
Looking into the Future
Kuo Euan Trading Co. had received the support of internet friends, and was found to be one of the most reputable companies in Taiwan during the 2001 Bird Business Investigation.When Taiwan became a member of World Trade Organization, pet bird businesses also started to operate in new ways and confront challenges that originated from internationalization.Our website shares some bird-breeding techniques in Chinese and information on how to take care of birds in Chinese, but the articles may not contain enough information.We encourage you to visit the various sections in our site and let us know if there is anything else we should add.
Insist on Good Quality
There used to be wild-caught birds on the market, and the prices were chaotic.This was why many prospective breeders became hesitant, and pet bird businesses came to a bottleneck.If wild-caught birds continued to be welcomed by the market, many domestically raised birds would have suffered.Even breeders would have withdrawn from the business, and the entire industry would not have progressed.Only fully artificial breeding could guarantee legal and good-quality birds.
The difference between wild-caught and domestically raised birds
Wild-caught birds Domestically raised birds
Origin Wild-caught or imported through illegal means Imported legally and bred locally
Health More illnesses and may suffer from inactive, contagious diseases Fewer illnesses
Learning Ability Slower at learning how to speak Easier to train & more intimate, better companions
Breeding Breeding age is delayed, and it is not stable Can breed at regular age